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The Answer is Never! community

A group of 1980's skateboarding teens have a series of unfortunate events, coming to odds with the local leadership.

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1988 Skateboard Art Asset
I work during the day for Roblox. Go to school from 6 pm - 8 pm and then get home around 8:30 or so...and do a small amount of modeling for 2-3 hours. I wrapped...
Work In Progress Skateboard
I've started modeling the first art asset for The Answer Is Never! It's not much yet, but it will start looking pretty once it gets into Substance Painter. Stay...
The Answer is Never! - Don't Be Predictable
I was doing my daily Gamasutra reading and came across an interesting article about writing for video games, movies and television. One line really stuck with m...
The Answer is Never! - New Website
I've purchased the domain name, set up proper web hosting for the site and populated the content I have right now. Pretty exciting to see it fleshed out in this...
The Answer is Never! - Art Style Changes
As you will see in this video when I started working on this "skateboarding game" I defaulted to creating the artwork in a realistic style using PBR materials a...
The Answer is Never! - AI Pedestrian System
I have this new video up with progress on a new game system. It's really a short clip of me playing the current build. This system plays a good sized role in th...