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The Answer is Never!

A group of 1980's skateboarding teens have a series of unfortunate events, coming to odds with the local leadership. · By fatbox Software


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Main Menu Mockup
Started Photoshop mock ups for all of the menu screens. This is a 2nd pass on the main menu screen...
1980's Style Boombox Stereo
I've just wrapped up this hero prop for the main character's bedroom. It's not perfect, but its shippable for it's purpose in game. I used 3ds Max for the mode...
Atari 2600 Game Console Completed
Really happy with how this game console turned out. Some of you may remember actually playing on one of these (It was my first home console). This asset was mod...
Early Prototype Main Menu
Yesterday I started prototyping the main menu system and it's associated elements. I have not implemented the main game logo and the one seen in the video is cu...
Skating up ramps
An update on this specific ramp prototype. I'm actually really happy with how it's working so far. In this video I walk through the improved ramp skating prefa...
Physics Controller Implementation
In this video I go through some of the latest changes to the source Unity project. These include polishing a rock solid physics-based controller, implementing a...
Completed Shoe Texturing
This is the "final" version of a shoe that is wearable for the main playable character in The Answer Is Never! The art asset is rendered in Unity 5.64 using a S...
Modeling The Hero Character's Shoe
I spent my "off day" today modeling the hero character's shoe. It's based off of an old school Converse All Star shoe. As you can see in the progression of the...