The Answer is Never! - AI Pedestrian System

I have this new video up with progress on a new game system. It's really a short clip of me playing the current build. This system plays a good sized role in the game and it's far from finished, but I already find it really amusing. I've implemented an audio controller for the player and the pedestrian AI. The audio controller also creates impact sounds after landings on wood, metal or concrete...but the code is bugged and commented out for that part. Will revisit it once I solve the problem. One of the coolest things is the pedestrian AI is now routing along their waypoint paths at varying speeds. The pedestrians are aware of when the player is close to them and they will stop in their tracks and issue sarcastic phrases to you. It's only work from today, so it's very early and there is a lot more to do with it.

If anyone feels so inclined to test this system out for themselves please do. Here is a folder with the current builds, they are sorted by date. Choose the latest date build version and you're good to go. <-- Link to build

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