The Answer is Never! - Don't Be Predictable

I was doing my daily Gamasutra reading and came across an interesting article about writing for video games, movies and television. One line really stuck with me.  “Know what you’re trying to communicate thematically."  I realized that I am not sure of what I want to communicate thematically. I mean I think I know. Some of the of things I do know are that I wanted to do something that was a reflection of my own growing up and one of the things I enjoyed doing, which was skateboarding. I have a fond adoration for the 1980's as it was a coming of age time for me and I think at the same time, for video games themselves. They really came into their own mid to late 1980's and just started to barrel like a freight train into the 1990's. I want to create something with this game that brings back that feeling of the magic of not knowing things, and discovering them for the first time....skateboarding, video games, making new friends. How do I convey that feeling, how do I translate that into a theme? How do I communicate this or at the very least get another person to perceive my intent? These are all things I'll be thinking about over time and into this summer.

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